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Cello - String Bass Shopping Guide

Cello - String Bass Shopping Guide

Having the right equipment to ensure success is essential to playing any string instrument. This guide is to help you become confident with what the essential items are. If you want help in selecting the right gear for you we’d be happy to guide you toward a good selection, just call us at 435-673-6000 or email us at


Instruments come with a case but often times get worn out and need to be replaced. Lightweight cases are available that provide more storage and are easier to carry such as ProTec cases. A hard case is a really good option for cellos and basses but can seem expensive until you’re looking at the repair bill of an instrument broken in its soft case…



In order for your bow to function properly it must have good rosin on it. Rosin comes in light and dark rosin; Cellos use the dark rosin while string bass needs a much softer rosin specific to bass. You can buy rosin in cheap, midgrade or high end qualities and will range from $3 to $20 dollars.



A bow can make all the difference needed to advance our playing as the weight and balance of a bow affects how easily we can articulate notes and draw out tone from our instrument. There are cello and string bass bows and each can be made from a variety of materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber or wood. Selecting a bow is a personal preference and we’re happy to be a guide in your selection process.


Rock Stop:

Cello and String Bass both have an End-Pin which is a rod sticking out the bottom of the instrument that helps us hold it up in place. This rod is most often sharpened to a point and will poke through the rubber stopper covering it; a Rock Stop prevents your instrument from sliding away from you and protects your floors!  



The strings we use on our instrument greatly affect the sound coming out of it. Better quality strings will give us a more mature, richer sound that projects further into the hall. Cheaper strings are available but will reduce the tone quality. We’re happy to help you select the strings that are right for you.



Playing in tune is not an option; it’s essential but it’s a skill that needs to be developed through the use of a tuner. Several tuners are available, some specific to the instrument but most are universal and are very easy to use.



You can play the right notes but if you don’t play them at the right time nobody knows what you’re playing. A metronome will give you a steady beat at the tempo you choose and is an essential practice tool for every musician.


We hope this short guide helps you be aware of the needs of your player and possibly spark the perfect gift for them.


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