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Guitar Shopping Guide

Guitar Shopping Guide

Having the right equipment to ensure success is essential to playing any guitar. This guide is to help you become confident with what the essential items are. If you want help in selecting the right gear for you we’d be happy to guide you toward a good selection, just call us at 435-673-6000 or email us at


Instruments will sometimes come with a case but often they get worn out and need to be replaced. Lightweight cases are available that provide more storage and are easier to carry such as TRIC cases.



The strings we use on our instrument greatly affect the sound coming out of it. Better quality strings will give us a more mature, richer sound that projects further into the hall. Cheaper strings are available but will reduce the tone quality. We’re happy to help you select the strings that are right for you.



Playing in tune is not an option; it’s essential but it’s a skill that needs to be developed through the use of a tuner. Several tuners are available, some specific to the instrument but most are universal and are very easy to use.



You can play the right notes but if you don’t play them at the right time nobody knows what you’re playing. A metronome will give you a steady beat at the tempo you choose and is an essential practice tool for every musician.


Body Shapes:

Guitars come in a variety of body shapes, each offering its own unique blend of sound. Ever noticed how the performer on stage will change guitars in the middle of a set? It’s not because they want to look cool, it’s because they want a different sound for the next song. Body shapes help provide these differences. Here is a short guide to choosing the right body shape for you.



Most common body shape today

Large body with square shoulders

Produces a rich, big sound

Great for strumming

Can be used in any style of music but is great for country and rock



Small body shape

Narrow shoulders, wide hips

Comfortable for women and player with a short wing span

Small body allows for clear projection in single note playing (finger picking)

Great for folk, blues, fingerstyle


Jumbo/Mini Jumbo                       

Like the name suggests, it has an oversized body

Lends itself to strong bass projection

Primarily used for strumming/rhythm

Not great for single not picking



One of the smallest body shapes

Great for young kids and player with a short wing span

Great for at-home use or small venues

Used in folk and blues



This is a feature and can be found on any body shape

A portion of the body of the guitar is cut away to allow a more comfortable and practical reach to the higher portion of the fret board

Looks awesome!

Has minimal effect on overall sound projection



Gives an acoustic guitar the capability to be plugged in to an amplifier

Has volume, bass, mid and treble controls

Often contains a built in tuner

Provides more tambour options for the player


We hope this short guide helps you be aware of the needs of your player and possibly spark the perfect gift for them.


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