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The 5th Fret w/ Richard Gilewitz

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  • By Steve France
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The 5th Fret w/ Richard Gilewitz

The 5th Fret clinic & concert series is excited to present Richard Gilewitz on October 6 & 7, 2017!

Richard Gilewitz is an uncommon soloist, fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, composer, and master teacher. In a span of over 3 decades, Richard has developed a repertoire that combines both standard and unique tunings in his originals and arrangements, with every single note treated as an individual character in a society of notes. Achieving a very distinctive sound with a voice of its own, it is apparent that Richard’s own DNA is reflected in his playing. Well versed in many musical styles, as he performs on the 6 or 12-string guitar he follows a distinct cadence. Combine his tales from the road with his wide choice of tunes and his light bulb seems to grow a little brighter with each selection.

Schedule of Events

Friday October 6, 2017

Richard will be offering a clinic and workshop at an area school where he will discuss, demonstrate and perform parts of the two clinics being offered at The Music Store on Saturday October 7, 2017. Richard will show how, during his journey to learn the ukulele, he applied his honed techniques of fingerstyle guitar, such as banjo style picking patterns, classical arpeggios, tapping and harmonics, as well as a rhythmic and percussive approach. This session is not open to the general public. 

Saturday October 7, 2017

3:00pm at The Music Store

Ukulele Adventures with Richard Gilewitz

During this masterful clinic, Richard Gilewitz will expand on the techniques he has barrowed from 6- and 12-string acoustic guitar and will cover a rhythmic expansion with triplets, along with a better understanding of the world of 16ths, to create syncopation. A samba feel- here and there- will bring the attendees’ music to life during this hands-on experience. Dynamic attacks, note treatments and a simple guide to smoother chord transfers are also touched upon, along with a window in on the exploration of the creative process accomplished through simple trial and error and the very basics of theory. A ukulele band in the making often evolves in less than two hours and all those who attend leave the event with a newfound confidence in playing the ukulele.

His approach is simple; a 12-point method that breaks down the learning process into sections that build upon each other and expands any player’s world. No matter if you are just learning ukulele or have played guitar and want to add another instrument to your repertoire, you will be guided by Richard as you follow him on this Ukulele Adventure.

4:00pm at The Music Store

This event will be filled with short a concert performance followed by a jam-packed clinic on fingerstyle guitar, and inspiration for increasing playing skills. This is a lecture style event where the audience is encouraged to ask questions. Whether a hobbyist, weekend warrior or full time professional, you’ll be entertained and inspired as this globetrotting 6 & 12-string player shares his experiences as a performer and master teacher. Author of Mel Bay Publication’s “Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop”, Gilewitz demonstrates ways to achieve a great sound, rekindle the love of playing an instrument, and why playing a guitar can be a life-long craft. Named as one of the top 100 Acoustic Guitarists, Richard Gilewitz continues to fascinate his audiences with fingerstyle gymnastics while spinning yarns too unbelievable not to be true. His ability to make one guitar sound like an entire orchestra stems from 40 years of well-honed technique and three decades of international touring, creating his signature sound that has been captured on his CD releases, DVDs, and songbooks

6:00pm at The Music Store

Richard Gilewitz “Acoustic Adventures” Concert

Throughout his performance of "Acoustic Adventures”, Richard's complex and energetic original works are stories from the guitar, delivering invitations to each listener to take a journey through the past and present realm of guitar music. As he incorporates his own personality and orchestration into a sound tunnel of timeless musical history, a musical platter evolves that spills over with colorful imagery of samples from European, Contemporary, and Spanish Classical works to the Traditional Folk, Blues and American Primitive eras.

Based in Florida, his worldwide touring takes him to audiences from bottom tip of New Zealand to the edge of northern Scotland, and stops in-between. Well-known for his guitar wizardry, his accounts of life on the road he proves that he's also an entertaining storyteller who can spin stories with the best of them. A musician, who loves interacting with his audience, Richard offers a night of great guitar, unusual tales from his travels, and a sense of magical festivity.

He's a master of moods, playing a kaleidoscopic mixture. Such artists as John Fahey, The Beatles, Arlo Guthrie, Leo Kottke, JS Bach, and Classical Master David Walbert have heavily influenced Richard's fingerstyle techniques and it is apparent in his selections that their compositions will stand the test of time.

More information on Richard is available at

Following the performance, Richard will be available to autograph his CD’s in the lobby of The Music Store.

Purchase your ticket to this amazing event for only $5.00! Get both clinics and the concert for only $5.00. Purchase your ticket here. 



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