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To: Cc: Bcc:

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  • By Steve France
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To: Cc: Bcc:

Knowing the difference between To: Cc: and Bcc: can make you look smart.

To: Cc: Bcc: What Are These?


Knowing the difference between To: Cc: and Bcc: is necessary and will prevent you from looking foolish when sending emails. 


To: is for the person who you’re sending the message to. This can be one person or several. Everyone will see everyone else’s name and address. 


Cc: stands for Carbon Copy and the person who should see this message but who it’s not addressed to goes here. Say you're sending a note to an coworker but their direct supervisor should see the message, the coworker goes in the To: field and the supervisor in the Cc:. Both people can see the message was sent to the others and their addresses are visible.


Bcc: stands for Blind Carbon Copy. There are 2 uses for this: 

1. You want someone to receive your message but don’t want the other recipients to know they received it, put that person in the Bcc. Your Bcc recipient will be able to see everyone in the To: and Cc: fields but none of those can see the Bcc. 


2. You’re sending a group message. If you’re sending a message to a group, use the Bcc: please! Have you ever got an email with 100 names and addresses before the message? It’s annoying and it happened because the fool sending you the message used the To: or Cc: field and not the Bcc: If they used the Bcc: field you and everyone else would only see their own address and name. 


Knowing the difference between these fields is important. 


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