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Woodwind Instrument Shopping Guide

Woodwind Instrument Shopping Guide

Having the right equipment to ensure success is essential to playing any woodwind instrument. This guide is to help you become confident with what the essential items are. If you want help in selecting the right gear for you we’d be happy to guide you toward a good selection, just call us at 435-673-6000 or email us at



In every woodwind instrument moisture builds up inside from your breath as you play and needs to be removed after every session. A swab is used to remove this moisture from inside your instrument and these come specific to your instrument (Flutes will need a cleaning rod in addition to the swab). Having a cleaning cloth to wipe down the oils from your hands left on the outside of your instrument is also essential.



Instruments come with a case but often times get worn out and need to be replaced. Lightweight cases are available that provide more storage and are easier to carry such as ProTec cases.



These come specific to the instrument (clarinets need clarinet reeds, alto saxophones need alto sax reeds, oboes need oboe reeds, etc) and reeds come in various strengths; we are happy to help you make a good selection. Flutes do not have reeds.


Reed Saver or Case:

Spend less money on reeds by taking care of them using a reed saver. These are a case for your reed which helps the reed keep its shape after becoming wet from playing. These simple devices can add 25% more life to a reed.



A good mouthpiece will greatly increase the easy of playing and improve your tone quality. As students advance, different mouthpieces are needed for different music styles such as jazz or concert band. We’re happy to help you make a good selection. Mouthpieces are used only on single reed instruments.



Along with needing different mouthpieces for different styles, ligatures influence the overall tone and easy of playing the instrument. Ligatures are used only on single reed instruments.



Playing in tune is not an option; it’s essential but it’s a skill that needs to be developed through the use of a tuner. Several tuners are available, some specific to the instrument but most are universal and are very easy to use.



You can play the right notes but if you don’t play them at the right time nobody knows what you’re playing. A metronome will give you a steady beat at the tempo you choose and is an essential practice tool for every musician.


We hope this short guide helps you be aware of the needs of your player and possibly spark the perfect gift for them.


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