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If you have a student musician you want to know they're learning things right. Finding a quality teacher at an affordable price can be challenging; what questions do you ask and what happens if you start and then don't like the teacher!?

At Resonance School of Music, located at The Music Store, you get the convenience of multiple teachers in one spot so all your kids can take lessons at the same time. With Gold, Silver and Bronze level teachers you're sure to find a teacher in your price range and you can take a Trial Lesson for FREE so you know what teacher is best for your family.

If the teachers at Resonance are not the right fit, we get that. The Music Store maintains an extensive list of private teachers on all instruments in your area. Just call or email for the list. We’re happy to help out. We want to make sure that new instrument of yours will be with you for the long haul.

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Families avoid the struggle of finding affordable, quality instruments by renting them from The Music Store at a low monthly payment so their students succeed.

For other questions, like other teacher options, drop us a line.

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My child is under 6 years of age…what lessons should I start them on?

Foundational training in the early years can put your child light years ahead of the pack. That’s why we suggest you consider Let’s Play Music, a program that knows children learn best through play. A child has to be physically involved in the learning process, so they use the eyes, ears, hands, and full body movement to learn concepts usually taught on paper. They also know that children enjoy learning in a peer group setting. Your child will learn advanced concepts and skills using age-appropriate methods! To learn more, click here.