Public School Consultations

Reinforce the concepts you’re already teaching with a sectional or masterclass from The Music Store.

Having someone else say the same thing you’ve been saying in a slightly different way often is the key to your students understanding difficult concepts. With a consultation in the form of a mater class or sectional from The Music Store you get just that, engaged students applying the concepts you need them to understand.

Select from the available clinics below and schedule your in school consultation today!


Step-Up Instruments

“I might actually be good at this!”

This is the most common response we get from students who, during this engaging clinic, experience first-hand the difference a better quality instrument provides.

Beginner instruments halt a student’s progression. In order to play at the level you’re asking of them they need better equipment. Better quality materials and craftsmanship get them better results and make your ensembles sound better.

Provide this educational opportunity to your band, orchestra or guitar program by scheduling a Step-Up Instrument clinic today. This is done in your classroom by one of our staff members during your typical rehearsal. You will receive 3 short videos prior to the clinic describing the difference in instruments to share with your class and have them ready for this educational opportunity.


Diaphragmatic Breathing

Forget the basics. This clinic is an active, visual and athletic engagement and dramatically improves the way your ensemble sounds!

We quickly explore what happens inside your body helping students visualize what’s happening. We then apply those lessons to other objects and then push the limits of our own breathing mechanism! Finally we apply all of this to the instrument and wonder at the improvement!

The last part of this clinic involves various techniques to use air and space to change tone and improve range. This clinic is great for the beginner to college master class. Improve your ensemble sound today by scheduling a clinic.


I Can Fix That!

The concert is in 15 minutes and your instrument suddenly stopped working! Now what?

During one of these interactive clinics, students and teachers explore how instruments function so they know where to start looking for a problem and fix it themselves. Learn how to address issues with rods vs screws, levers vs springs, pistons vs. rotors, and so much more. Clinics are fast paced, fun, and produces independent musicians.


Professional Development & Classes for College Students

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Making the Most of Student Teaching

If you oversee college students as a professor or NAfME president then you need to host this clinic designed for the college classroom of pre-student teachers. Through interactive and engaging conversation we explore what to go deep on and things to possibly avoid in order to maximize the student teaching experience.

Drawn from hundreds of mentor and 1st year teachers we talk candidly about what to expect, how to manage, how to set aside assumptions (yours and your mentor teacher’s) and get more time on the podium. We also explore issues off the podium that are critical to your success.

Be confident and prepared for student teaching and avoid the looming embarrassment by having this conversation with your college class today.

This clinic is also modified for district arts meetings to prepare mentor teachers for incoming student teachers.

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You inspire students to reach beyond themselves through music…but only if they’re in your classroom.

Part of a well managed program is a strong recruiting component. Learn the system that landed the Desert Hills Cone Site the National Music For All Bronze medal for recruiting and get applicable tools derived from 20+ years of experience helping hundreds of successful teachers and recruiting thousands of students. You’ll come out of this session empowered with emails ready to send, the recruiting time table, answers to every objection, handouts, and be fired up to recruit every student you can!

This session is best as a small group professional development meeting and soon will be offered as an online course.