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We Rent Instruments.

Rent Now

The Music Store helps you start playing today with our flexible rent-to-own contract

Rent until you know they’ll stick with it…then buy. It’s simple with a rental contract available at The Music Store. All contracts are Rent-To-Own so your money applies toward the purchase of your rental. Here are the features of our Rental accounts:
  • Rent applied toward purchase!
  • Rent accumulates from one size to the next, to the next and so on.
  • Set your student up for success with a quality instrument, not some box store junky.

"Instrumental music is new to us..."

You’re not alone! Most families we help are new to instrumental music and that’s why a Rent-To-Own contract is a great option! Rent a quality instrument until you know that your student is going to stick with it...then apply your rental toward purchase or step-up to a better quality instrument. In this way you equip your student to succeed and keep your out of pocket expense to a minimum.

Rent Now

 Why Rent From The Music Store

  • Maintenance
    • You break it, we fix it. 
  • Support
    • Involvement in instrument music for the first time brings with it lots of new words and equipment to buy; it’s enough to make anyone nervous. The Music Store will make it simple and guide you through the process to make you look like a pro!
  • Rent-To-Own
    • There are several ways companies will rent to you. At The Music Store we make this easy. 
    • Get the largest amount of equity in trade ups in size or quality.
    • Make fewer payments with our accelerated payoff options. 

Rent Now


  • What instrument to pick?
    • After 20 years of experience I’ve come to learn that the students will play what they want to play and any attempt to sway that fails. For whatever reason certain personality types gravitate toward certain instruments; sure there are exceptions to this but as a rule it’s true. Come in to the store at any time and we’ll give you the opportunity to play test all the instruments to find what’s best for you.
  • Will the Instrument I get be good for school?
    • Yes. Call it pride in what we do, call it a need to build a good reputation, call it a philosophy for the success of student musicians…we only deal in good quality, high value instruments. Does this mean we’re going to be the most expensive option, nope. Check out the chart on our Overview page to see that often times we’re the cheapest option!
  • Can’t I buy cheaper on-line or from neighbor?
    • Typically no. Sometimes people get lucky and get a used instrument from someone who cared enough to maintain the quality and condition of their instrument but those are rare…most of the time when someone stops playing for whatever reason their instruments become dilapidated and it can be expensive to bring these back into good condition. With a Rent-To-Own program your up front or out of pocket expense is often much less with a rental.
  • What about Pawn Shop Instruments?
    • If you had to pawn your instrument…was it well taken care of in the first place? Repairs can be expensive and if you’re looking for a players first instrument make sure you equip them well.
  • What if my child doesn't stick with it?
    • That's fine, with a rental you can bring it back and call it quits; no big deal. Your out of pocket expense is very low with a rental.
  • Hidden Fees?
    • I hate hidden fees and “hate” is a strong word. Some rental companies say, “No interest” when what they really mean is, ‘we charge 27% of each of your monthly payments as a “rental service fee.”’ WHAT!?? That’s horrible. At The Music Store we keep it very straight forward and you’ll know every single number before you’re asked to sign.
  • What else will my student need?
    • Music Stand
    • Book
    • Cleaning kit
    • Shoulder rest (violin/Viola) Rock stop (cello/bass)
  • Will they outgrow this?
    • Band: no, the instrument they start on will be the right size but they will eventually need a better instrument - usually around 8th or 9th grade. 
    • Orchestra: String instruments do come in different sizes for different lengths of arms. We want them to be comfortable. Typically 6 to 18 months per size depending on growth spurts. 

Rent Now

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