Play With Confidence

Have a certified repair technician as your stand partner.


Instruments seem to break at the worst possible moment.

Avoid the anxiety and stress with some help from The Repair Shop and an optional Maintenance plan.

yeah…watch the video…

 Instrument Maintenance clinic

Avoid the stress of a broken instrument by learning how to maintain it.

The Music Store is hosting Maintenance Clinics where you’ll get hands on experience and know how to care for the instrument you love.

Sign up for either September 20th or 21st below and reserve your spot!

Clinics are Friday Sept 20th from 4 to 6pm and Saturday Sept 21st from 11am to 2pm.

each class is at it’s own separate time so be sure to check the time on the links above.

Cost is only $5.00. Amazing discounts available at the clinic.

Call the store for more info. 435-673-6000

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 Maintenance Plan

Combine your rental or purchase with an affordable Maintenance plan so you're always covered against anything that could ever happen to your new instrument.

You break it, we fix it! If your instrument gets dropped, stepped on or even if your dog Rover chews on it, just bring it in and we’ll get you taken care of. When you have a maintenance plan from The Music Store, you receive any and all needed repairs from minor adjustments to major accidents.

Sign up for a Maintenance plan when you rent your instrument today and put your new instrument in the hands of our caring techs to ensure it always performs it’s best. Have peace of mind that you’re covered.

Services Offered


  • Carved bridges

  • Crack repair

  • Open outs

  • Bow rehairs


  • Restrings

  • Fret leveling

  • Action Adjustments

  • Intonation Adjustments


  • Chemical cleaning

  • Dents

  • Soldering/lacquering

  • Trombone slide action


  • Regulate & adjust

  • Replace pads

  • Tenon & key corks

  • one more..

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Improve Your Musical Experience

You can sound better today with a few upgrades to your instrument. The following are a few of the upgrades that will have you playing with more confidence today!

Wittner pegs.jpg

Wittner Pegs

Improve your musical experience with easy tuning. These Austrian made pegs replace your wood pegs with no modification to your peg box - switch back to your old wood pegs any time…but you won’t.

Once installed and fitted to your violin, viola or cello your pegs will function like fine tuners only MUCH better.



The worlds most advanced valve and rotor lubricant was introduced to us by a band director several years back and now we use it on everything!

Oil once, re-oil in about a month! Seriously, it lasts that long. Just two drops on each piston and then play like crazy!


Zero Glide Nut

Get better tuning and better open string sound. Install this nut on your guitar with no cutting or modification to your instrument and experience for yourself the difference!

We like them and know you will too.

Aubert Bridge.jpg

Bridge Fitting & Adjustment

Improve the sound of your instrument by adjusting the bridge and sound post you already have.

Projection, balance, voicing and power can all be improved as can the feel and responsiveness of your instrument by properly fitting and adjusting your bridge and sound post.


Port Alignment

The pistons on your brass instrument must line up perfectly with the tubing to maximize the free blowing nature, tone quality and projection of your instrument. When left unattended you’re left with a stuffy, pinched off sound.

Get your pistons aligned today.


Free Estimate

Repairs can be expensive and often the fear of a high bill prevents us from getting our instruments fixed. Avoid this fear with a FREE estimate from The Music Store.

Before we fix your instrument, our technicians will inspect your instrument for free and suggest an option or two for you. You choose which option is best for you and then we proceed with your repair (if that’s what you want).

For us to offer any sort of accurate estimate, we need to see your instrument. When you bring it to the store we will use all of our diagnostic tools to accurately describe what is wrong and assess what the repair will cost. We can’t do this over the phone, so we make it a habit to offer you the best we have to offer by not providing any estimates without seeing your instrument first.

Remember, all estimates are FREE at The Music Store!