Maintenance Plan

When…not if…your students instrument is broken you want it fixed quickly for as little money as possible.

Often times its’ not your student who even broke the instrument! It’s the klutzy kid next to them who wasn’t paying attention and now you have to fix something you didn’t break in order to keep your student active in class.

What a stress!

broken trombone_wide-013961004b5d6413f8f4e9741c900f6d6809ef5a-s1100-c15.jpg

Well…we’ve been there before ourselves so our technicians – the only certified techs in Southern Utah with a combined 60 years of experience fixing instruments decided to make this easier for you with The Maintenance Plan.

Maintenance is the you break it, we fix it sort of plan. If your instrument is dropped, stepped on, or the dog Rover chews on it…just bring it in and let our technicians get you taken care of.

Maintenance starts at $5 a month but our standard shop rate is $65 an hour. If one thing happens to your instrument, Maintenance has MORE than paid for itself.

Sign up for Maintenance today with your rental or purchase from The Music Store and get the peace of mind you deserve for setting your students up for success with a quality instrument. Don’t be “that parent” who’s kid’s instrument never works. Sign up for Maintenance toda

Steve France