Why Rent from The Music Store?

Are you worried about how to get your student a quality instrument at an affordable price? The Music Store makes it easy and affordable.

If your student is involved in an instrumental music program at school you’re probably worried about how you get your child a quality instrument at an affordable price.

You may even be anxious about this entire process because you’ve never done this before and have no idea what they really need. You may even be asking, “Why should music be so expensive to enjoy in the first place!? "

At The Music Store, we’re as concerned for your student’s success as we are about you feeling GREAT about a quality instrument purchase.   With over 20 years of helping thousands of families like yours be successful in music, we can help you in three easy steps:

First: RENT Now. Set your student up with a quality instrument at an affordable price.

Second: Make low monthly payments. With payments as low as $20 a month you can rent a quality beginner instrument that will allow your student to progress and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Third: Apply your rental payments toward purchase. When your student loves it, apply your rental payments toward the purchase of their beginner instrument OR trade up to your High School level instrument.

When you need repairs or need to exchange for a bigger size, we’re here to make that easy for you.

Sign up for a rental today on-line, by stopping by our store or by visiting any of our Partner dealers and in three easy steps you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve given your student the BEST opportunity to succeed…. and at an affordable price.

Steve France