Give Mom a HUG!

I want to tell you an inspiring story that happened in the store just the other day. 

A Mom who had just got off work and pick up three of her five kids from school came to the store to find a clarinet for her son. Mom was still wearing her work clothes, she has worked as a cook at Cafe Rio for four years now. 

Mom stated proudly that her son started playing clarinet at Tonaquint Intermediate this year so she rented an instrument from the school to see if he was really interested in this and he's done so well that she wants to get him one of his own. So we started shopping. In an attempt to be considerate and to provide some options, I pulled out new and used instruments and we started playing through them. 

The son was having a great time and loving how different a better instrument played for him, Mom sat observing with a smile on her face. He picked out a model that felt best for him and I had a used one... but the son's eyes were not as bright so his Mom asked if he would like a new one and he did! Mom said she'll take the new one. 

At this point I did what I always do and offered financing to which she said, "No thank you, I'll just pay cash." And she did. After getting reeds and a reed saver to go with it she laid out fresh bills and then, in that tone only a Mother can create, told him "he'd better practice even more now!" 

What happened next will stick with me for the rest of my life - tears are welling up in my eyes as I recount this story. This sweet boy grew the most humble yet proud and excited smile I've seen in a long time and just looked at his Mom. I got emotional and said, "Well don't just stand there, she bought you a new clarinet; HUG THE WOMAN!" And he did. Mom giggled, rocked him back and forth and was beaming. 

This was a great moment. This mother recognized the effort her son was putting in, valued the education he was getting and found a way to pay cash to make his experience even better. 

Families sometimes find it difficult to afford a quality instrument; this is why we rent them for low monthly payments. I love being a part of helping them find this type of real joy. Families value the education their students receive and are willing to help. Find this experience yourself by setting up a Family Consultation at The Music Store today.

Thank you Matt Szymanski for being the type of teacher that inspires your students to work this hard and find joy in their playing.