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Welcome to our Tuners & More page where you will find all your general music items like metronomes and music stands.

Don't see what you need? We probably don't have it listed online but can order it for you.

Call us at 435-673-6000 to ask about availability.

Tuners & More
    • KMC Korg CA2
    • Korg CA2

      Always play in tune with the Korg CA2 Chromatic tuner. Easy to use and provides a droan pitch to tune against if you’d like to do it that. Batteries ARE included and are AAA.

      $15.66 $13.24
    • D'Addario Planet Waves PW-CT-13 Tuner
    • Planet Waves PW-CT-13 Tuner

      This clip on tuner is used around our store every day! Extremely fast, accurate and easy to us this vibration sensitive, clip on tuner can be placed on any instrument and the easy to read screen tells you if your sharp or flat. You can position the screen

      $38.70 $14.95
    • Korg Korg MA-1
    • Korg MA-1

      The Korg MA-1 is a simple to use, fully loaded metronome for everyone in the family. Sub-divide the beat, set any tempo you want including the easy to use tap tempo feature and even add in headphones if you don’t want everyone else to hear the beat. Batte

    • Korg Korg CM300
    • Korg CM300

      This clip on vibration sensitive pickup with with any number of tuners like the Korg CA2 to allow the tuner to listen to you and only you - not using the tuner’s built in microphone. Great for flute or bass players where a clip on tuner is difficult to se

    • Planet Waves Planet Waves NS Micro Universal Tuner
    • Planet Waves NS Micro Universal Tuner

      This is an amazing tuner and is used around our store all the time! Clip it on to any instrument and the vibration senstive pickup tells you what note you’re playing and if it’s sharp or flat. Easy, afforadable and awesome.

      $35.40 $17.99
    • Korg Korg CA-50
    • Korg CA-50

      The CA-50 is a portable, pocket-sized tuning solution. The standard tuner for orchestral instruments now with even better visibility.

      The CA-50 features high-precision tuning functionality and a slim and compact design. The new CA-50’s display is now eve

      $26.99 $24.99
    •  Matrix MR500 Quartz Metronome
    • Matrix MR500 Quartz Metronome

      This dial metronome is the one of choice around The Music Store. The adjustable volume allows you to hear it even over a grand piano’s volume. The dial is very easy to use and the added ear piece makes it perfect for every pro who needs the clicks in the

      $34.99 $24.99

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